Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Request

Happy after the holidays, fellow pyrex lovers! 

I hope everyone had their pyrex wishes come true or at least got a nice new (to you) piece of pyrex gifted to you.

Like many of us of the first pyrex blog, I have not posted anything for a really really long time as I haven't been thrifting in months.  Ok settle down. Stop gasping.  Yes!  Such a thing is possible when (and this is really a legitimate excuse) you have so much pyrex (I believe that I'm over the 400 piece mark) that what is at the thrifts you already own.  (I keep track by pattern as a list on my iPhone).  Yes there are many pieces that I don't own, but for the time and gas money it takes to go peruse the thrifts, I find that if I need to get my pyrex fix that I end up at antique malls.

The good and the bad at the antique malls: prices are higher, but often there is a selection of pieces which is great if you are trying to complete a set or two. Often this ends up being less expensive than etsy or ebay when you factor for the crazy cost of shipping.

That being said, I've got two bowl sets that I'm close to completing and would be interested in trading pyrex if anyone was interested.  I am looking for a snowflake garland 441 to complete a set to gift to a friend, and also a red homestead 443 to complete a set for myself

I've got duplicates of a few pieces and others that I would be ok to let go for a decent trade.  Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in trading.  Extra brownie points for you if you happen to  live in the san francisco bay area and can do a local trade.

Thanks pyrex friends!!


  1. I only have two choices of thrift stores in my area and I agree with you on the thrift store/antique mall conundrum. By the time I map out errands and pay for gas to go to out-of-town thrift stores, I've already spent more time and money than I would at the antique mall I can walk to from my house. 400 pieces! Wow that's inspiring!!

  2. I had a set of pink refrigerator boxes. I'm not a collector so I sold them. Wow! What a collection! I don't have 400 of anything. I wish I had 400 pieces of Ironstone.

  3. Hi Leslie!

    I have a great love for pyrex! My daughter does as well. I see it and buy it, but have been trying to resist as I have limited space and am trying to SIMPLIFY my life which is impossible. I will lurk vicariously on your site. Lovely!

  4. I have the snowflake 441!! I'd love to make a trade as my Mom and I are both avid Pyrex collectors. My Mom collects pink gooseberry - she's missing the 442 Cinderella and looking to complete her set. I collect turquoise, and am missing the 442 and 444 of the Butterprint Cinderellas. But let's chat about it! Here is my email:

  5. I just had to comment because your kitchen window looks very similar to ours! I am incredibly impressed by your huge Pyrex collection! I LOVE Pyrex and I love seeing it and reading about it, but I have too many other collections and no space left in my house!

  6. You have a wonderful PYREX collection