Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pyrex FSOT in Toronto

Pyrex For Sale or Trade in Toronto

I live downtown Toronto (closest subway - College Park). All are currently listed on Kijiji. You can contact me through the email in my profile on blogger. 

You know, it's funny. I listed some Pyrex pieces on Kijiji, lidless for $5 Spring Blossom Green 475. No bites & I was moving, so I just donated them. Priced $9.99 at the thrift store, they didn't sit for too long. One longer than the other, but you could have got 2 for the price of 1 & not paid any taxes if you had bought from me!

Thanks for looking...
will post some more items for sale or trade on my blog in the near future. 
I also have 401,402,403,501,502 Butterprint to trade. 

<a href="">MY KIJIJI</a>

<a href="">Sir Thrift-A-Lot</a>.

Also selling/trading this...
(new in package)



  1. Hey Sir Thrift,
    I have seen your ads not realizing that they belonged to you. You've got great pieces at good prices. What's wrong with people?

  2. I got distracted by my son who wasn't filling up the cat food and I forgot to sign off.
    That comment was from Erin (Yard Sale Snoop)