Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lucky in Love Pyrex for Sale

I'm passing along this email for anyone interested.
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Canadian Erin

Lucky in Love -- A Rare Treasure
Here's an incredibly exciting bit of vintage Pyrex collecting news that maybe only happpens once or so in a lifetime ... not one, but two, super rare 1959 Pyrex casserole dishes that had reached mythical proportions have finally surfaced!
Called 'Lucky in Love', the round, covered casserole dish is a 1959 JAJ promotional piece that most collectors have only seen in a book and thought they'd never see in real life. One collector commented that she doubted it even existed!
The white casserole dish sports a sweet green and pink retro design that would look fabulous in any kitchen. The outside is encircled with a painted garden of pink hearts and lucky green shamrocks (or four leaf clovers) all on vibrant green stems. The solid white lid is recessed in the middle and has two handles that align with the dish's handles.
The first 'Lucky in Love' Pyrex dish to surface in at least a decade, if not much longer, sold on ebay on July 5th. While the auction didn't finish near the $1,200 that some collectors were surmising, the results were impressive nonethless, ending with a flurry of last minute excitement from eleven total bidders at a final price of $662. One can only wonder if the final auction price would have reached its stratsopheric guesstimates if its timing had been better strategically planned. Even the auction winner herself expected to $200 more for it.
Alas, the seller didn't realize that this highly collectible and coveted piece from a former hoarder's estate would bring such a windfall. (Can you believe no one scooped it up for the $25 asking price at the estate sale?! What a Lucky Day that would've been!) Going down as it did, the auction occurred during the historically slow summer season when lots of folks are away on vacation. Even worse (if you're a seller, that is, and hoping for a big audience) the auction ended in the middle of the week and the day after July 4th, or rather, during what was probably the country's biggest vacation week in the entire year! One can only wonder what the results of a better timed auction would be ... say a Sunday night during the Christmas season when more folks are indoors and more inclined to open their wallets to snag the gift of a lifetime for their favorite vintage Pyrex collector!
The best news, though, is that a second one of these precious 'Lucky in Love' casserole dishes has now come to light. The seller, who's had the dish for 20 years and has long admired it, says the dish belonged to her mother-in-law and that she's always known it was special. She didn't realize quite how special it was, though, until she was researching some other vintage dishes to list in her etsy shop. She's decided she's going to part with the dish so it can be enjoyed and admired by someone who will really appreciate its specialness. She's entertaining offers from several individuals, the highest of which is currently $525. If you have any questions or want to make an offer on this rare treasure, the seller, Angela Kotlinski, can be contacted via email at You can check out her etsy shop (and feedback) at Photos of 'Lucky in Love' for sale can be seen on FB at or


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  3. Goodwill on line auction had lucky in love pyrex and last bid I saw was over $4600. (8-12-17)Does anyone know what the dollar value was when it ended?