Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pyrex Resource in the SF Bay area

hallo pyrex friends

     ....well, after over two weeks SOMEONE had to post something on blog I!!

i needed a little pyrex fix today so i hit the road and headed for a few thrift stores that i was confident would fulfill my thrifting/pyrexing urge.  i headed down to salinas (over an hour from home) as there is this crazy store called "class and trash" that usually has a huge selection of pyrex thrifts.  sadly, it hadn't recently been restocked and the pickings were slim.  i hit up the other thrift stores while in town and ended up with nothing mostly because there was nothing to be bought. one store did have two pieces but i already have them both (thanks to my "notes" on my iphone for my updated list of current ownings) so i left town empty handed.

the real purpose of my road trip, though, was to check out a store in gilroy that's been posting on the sf/bay area craigslist.  for those of you who live around here and have seen the posting here is the scoop.  the owner seems to know a bit about what is rare and what is common and he has a decent selection of a few patterns (butterfly gold both versions, butterprint, old orchard, spring blossom, homestead, sandalwood,primary, town and country, etc, plus lots of fireking, mugs and promo pieces)  there are no prices on anything, you just need to ask... in my mind leaves things wide open for negotiation.

for me, this was a decent resource to complete a few sets, but it wasn't cheap.  for $68 i got three 471, a 472, two 401s, a 502, and two yellow pixies.  that's 9 pieces for $68 plus a third a tank of california priced gas.

bottom line, if you want to complete a set, it may be worth the drive. otherwise, you'll just find him overpriced.  i should mention, however, he does "consign" pyrex, but because nothing was labelled or priced in the store, i'll take this to mean that you probably can sell him some pieces that he will mark up and resell.

let me know if you have any questions....


  1. I bought two pieces there yesterday. The guy said someone had been there 10 minutes before me and bought a whole bunch of stuff. Must have been you!

  2. Interesting! Thanks for posting, i was worrying about PC I for a while there...