Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Recent Finds & A Vintage Booth

It has been a long while since I've shared anything of my own here, but I always love seeing everyone else's collections and fun finds. Here is a bit of what I've found recently..

I was very excited about these because I needed a lasagne pan since my current one has rounded corners and doesn't work with straight noodles. The snowflake is also my first open baker. I love the shape of the divded casseroles, but don't like the divided part at all.
Underplate for a Friendship casserole dish, and sage scroll on white.

 Ivy, orange 502, moon deco, and a percolator.
I started a teeny Pyrex collection for my son (due in August). My husband rolled his eyes, but look how cute the trains are! I'm trying to find the plate, but nothing yet.
I also finally finished my fridgie rainbow. I made this silly goal when I started collecting that I would get the smallest fridgie in every colour. Technically I'm missing opal and delphite, but I'm still calling it done, and it only took three years!
I wish I had taken this picture when the shelf was a bit more full and actually had more turquoise and pink on it, but here is the Pyrex wall at Lulu & Lolie (a booth in an antique market in Pickering, Ontario, Canada..1400 Squires Beach Rd if you're interested in stopping by)...


  1. Fridgie rainbow!! I think I have a new goal now!

  2. You have a great collection and I love your fridgie rainbow! So cool!

  3. Dido I love the fridge rainbow to.
    I'm going to have to try to make one now.

  4. Goodness me! I always love looking at everyones Pyrex color combos, I dont think I will ever tire for it! All of your collection is great! How neat collecting for your son to be!

  5. I love the fridgie rainbow idea!

  6. I'm with everyone else...LOVE the fridgie rainbow idea! Will definitely have to start one!

  7. How sweet the tiny cup and bowl set is. Tiny blue train circling the outside. I love it. I also simply cannot believe that you have somehow rescued the Fisher Price toy. Growing up we played with one like this one. Memories. And I had no idea Pyrex is so collectible. My Mom has bunches of it. I'll have to take a more serious peek at her stash. ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Barbara @