Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's been a while since I updated my display. Before it looked like this:

Then I was prompted (forced) to rearrange the display by my cats breaking a pitcher from my other collection (Taste Setter):

I moved my cookbooks elsewhere and took down the green fabric background. I think it looks a bit tidier.

The Taste Setter collection is my personal white whale. It is impossible to find so if you ever see any I'm happy to reimburse you! (Email me)


  1. I just love those colors together! Your display is super cool, nice job!

  2. Ohhh very bright! cute too :)

  3. gosh i love the colors they are amazing!

  4. I see you got your green bowl to go with your green casserole! Last summer I found it for 5 cents and I remember you saying you were still looking. Love the display and the colors

  5. What is Taste Setter? Never seen anything like it before, very cool