Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Pyrex New Year!

I just accidentally posted something here that was intended for my other blog. Sorry for the momentary lack of Pyrexessness here. It's not as bad as the time I accidentally posted my feelings on good Canadian beer on my classroom blog!

I've been drooling over people's Christmas Pyrex. Toronto's turned into a no-Pyrex zone lately. I'm glad to see other people are having good luck.

All the best,
Erin H


  1. I haven't found any great pyrex lately

    did give a small pyrex cassserole covered dish size of a coffee mug for a gift , she loved it also was pink

  2. I really enjoy seeing the different patterns and pieces of pyrex you have. I have so many of the same ones that I received for wedding gifts 47 years ago and still use. I hand wash most of my dishes so the color and design has stayed so bright and pretty.

  3. Looked for Pyrex today but didn't see any. I'm regretting that I gave all my small refrigerator dishes to my daughter when I moved, thinking I had no place to store them. Silly me. Now I need to restock.

  4. Gainesville, Florida is a Pyrex dead zone. I even drove 45 minutes to Ocala yesterday (lots of old people) but again, nothing. It's Galsbake city over here!

  5. I've been happily scooping up loads of Pyrex in the city (Toronto, that is!). Coming across many lids lately too.