Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pyrex Everywhere at Value Village

Hello Everyone, SixBalloons here! We were out of town last weekend in Victoria, BC and we thrifted it up, starting at a huge Value Village.

There I found several pieces of Pyrex, including an Opal Divided Dish, Shenedoah Casserole with lid, and dishwashered Terra casserole.

There were also several glass pitchers and carafes.

There was also a huge pile of Pyrex restaurant-ware in the red and gold trim.

Read more about the prices I saw there, and what I decided to do in the end at my original post. I spotted lots of other great items too, as that was definitely the largest Value Village store I have ever visited. Don't you just love thrifting while on vacation??


  1. I was in Victoria last week on earth did I miss this store? Wow, you sure scored some great goodies.

  2. Interesting! Well I hope we did stop in at some of the same thrifts. I'm going to be posting about all the other stores I visited on my trip later this week.

  3. Does anyone know where I can offload a load of vintage pyrex (JAJ included). I've tried listing on Ebay, but it is laborious. She has aquired it over the years - and there is a lot. Designs include matchmaker, autumn gold, chelsea and June Rose to name the ones I've identified. She has got casoroles, plates, bowls, cups, saucer, gravy boats you name it! She is downsizing as she is 80 so the clutter and pyrex needs to go! ANy thoughts, pleas drop me an email at - Thanks