Thursday, October 4, 2012

But Soft, What Light Through Yonder Window...

Talk about breaks! After reading SixBalloons' lamented question, the kids and I had a scheduled date at the thrift store. I was in the kitchen section, looking at a few things when my 10 year old came over and said, "Umm, I found some Pyrex on a top shelf by the clothes." "Uhhuhh," I half-heartedly responded, as Pyrex hunting has indeed slowed way down lately.  There hasn't been much in the stores that is worth bringing home, and the cupboards are getting a bit too full with the pieces we use. But she persisted. "Uh, it has the red birds..." "WHERE?!!" :)

I have never seen the lasagna pans ever except online, they just don't show up around these parts.  I was super excited, and seeing the price was even better- $7.95 each! Gladly! I'm making enchiladas for a birthday party tonight in them.  And when that's done, I think slab pies would be lovely!

Since I'm already on, I should also post a birthday gift I received this summer and haven't gotten around to posting, even though it's pretty awesome!  It's been busy...

Designs mixing bowls! They are so fun to have on the counters, and extremely handy- we bake a lot around here, and these guys are in constant use.  I love that they are mixing bowls and so very deep.
So, that's about it for the summer scores. Not a whole lot, but quality counts more than quantity in my book (and in my over-stuffed cupboards)!  Hope you all had a great summer and are enjoying a lovely fall!


  1. Amazing Finds! Gotta give those ten year olds credit...mine finds stuff all the time ;)

  2. Train up a child...,right?! :)

  3. Love it that the kids are helping with the pyrex hunting!

  4. Just wait, Six- before you know it, your little guy will be an expert! ;)

  5. I have taught my sons...20,19,17 to respect a woman and her pyrex and over the years they have learned to spot it a mile away for me when we go to the flea markets together.........they will make some lucky pyrexers great husbands one

  6. I love the lasagna pans -- I've never seen those in person, either. Good for you (and your 10 year old gets points for spotting it)!

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