Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest Thrifted Pyrex Pieces

Its been a long, long time since I have come across any Pyrex at the thrift stores.  I was getting desperate after not even seeing an abused and chipped piece.  I felt so relieved when I finally found a few pieces, I snapped them up and felt good again!  This Pyrex Passion does crazy things to a girl.

So what did I find?

Top: JAJ Atomic Barcode
Middle: Australian Agee, unknown pattern (gold and brown leaves of some sort)
Bottom: JAJ Briarwood

This next piece I saw and ummed and ahhed over and almost bought too, but it had a huge chip in it on the side.  I really regret leaving it behind now.

JAJ Indiana

After this dry spell, I hope I don't have to wait another 6 months for the next find!!

Happy Pyrex-ing :)
Lizzy - iheartsunnydays


  1. I know the feeling, I seem to go through phazes where I find nothing for ages and ages, then suddenly everything will come up Kathryn and I make some incredible finds!

  2. Oh Thank you for providing me for the Brairwood name pattern!

    I have one in my shop but didn't knew the name ;)