Thursday, December 13, 2012

Staging With Pyrex & Latest Haul

Hello there and Looooog time, no post. If Joan Rivers were here, she'd be making off-colour comparisons between my Pyrex dry spell and bodily functions. Yes, it's been a while. We've also been busy frantically getting our house ready for sale. We've found our dream house in a little country town and will soon be former Torontonians. As luck would have it, our agent collects Pyrex too and suggested we fill my grandmother's old bookcase with Pyrex as part of the staging. When I have photos, I will post. 
 Recently, I spied this beautiful bowl at the Value Village where I teach. It cost $6.99. 
 These Termocrisa (Mexican Pyrex?) dishes cost $1.49 each. I already had three of the green ones, so now I've got something that feels like an even number set. 
 At the amazing Southwarks Antique Market in Cambridge, Ontario I bought a bunch of Pyrex including the Shenandoan pattern. The came from two different vendors, hence the fact that the large one cost  $10.00 and the small one cost $10.50
 This Friendship casserole dish cost $13.50.
 This sunny Daisy casserole dish cos $12.00.
 The Horizon Blue casserole dish was $22.00 - my biggest purchase. 
Last but not least, I finally found the Ponderosa mug I've been searching for. It cost me nine clams, but for all the memories of going to the Ponderosa steakhouse with my family as a child, it was worth every penny. 

Thanks for reading!
Canadian Erin


  1. From reading various post, I am amazed at how many are into collecting are buying Pyrex. It is really getting popular again.

  2. Super find on these, specially the Ponderosa mug - I remember that you've been looking for one for a while now.
    I passed on the same Daisy casserole at SA last Wednesday because of a big scratch on the cover (right across the flower). It was $4, and now I'm wondering if I should have taken it anyway ... What do you think?

  3. Ever since I began collecting Pyrex, the Ponderosa mug has been on my must have list. I have never seen it in person and cannot wait to find it! You found some amazing items & with lids! You can't beat that.

    Happy Holidays,


  4. Just wanted to let you know that Termocrisa was an off-shoot of AH back in the day. From what I've read, AH used the company during the 40s-50s in Latin American countries before the company went off on its own.

  5. I'm in love with obsessed. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics!

  6. all of that is so amazing i'm jealous.

  7. Love your blog... great finds! It appears we visit the same haunts...but I'm here in US...Happy Pyrexing!