Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Faith Restored

a couple of months ago, i told you all about a frustrating experience 
that i had at an estate sale (feb 4 "the good the bad and the ugly").  i've been
avoiding estate sales pretty much since then, but i've
 gotten a little bored with just going to the thrift stores.  so i mustered up
some gusto and headed out last weekend.

the results are as you see below!! omg!!!

first, i found the 441 then i hunted and hunted for about 10 minutes before i found the 444.
i just about made myself (and the two ladies running the sale) 
crazy trying to find the 444 so you can imagine how 
excited i was when i dug it out of the back of low cabinet.

after i found it, all i could think was that if the the woman who had
owned them had kept them in such good condition 
that she was a bit of a pack rat
that the bracket had to be around somewhere!!!

i kept on looking and it wasn't until i was about to throw in the towel that i 
spotted it from across the room on the top of the dining room buffet cabinet.  
it probably didn't help that i almost fainted in excitement! i was ushered over 
to the sofa to collect myself and assemble the pyrex 
for the photo op above.  ok, so they asked for $25 for the set which 
i gladly gave them.  

what a rush!  its the most excitement i've had in ages!!
welcome home beautiful pyrex


  1. What a great story- you are an amazing (and determined) hunter! What a beautiful set-well done!

  2. My mom LOVES estate sales, and she "picks" for me, and she's found me a lot of GREAT pyrex pieces, BUT...when I tried to go, I was totally turned off...people lined up and allowed to enter before starting time, and no pyrex for me.(maybe it has to do with me dragging a 4 & 5 yr old with me) I am so happy you had a great success story! What a beautiful set you walked away with.

  3. That is a fantastic story...the thrill of the hunt is a big part of it! I love it!

    Stacey at gfpastorswife

  4. good for you I have never seen that set or one like it , thanks for the lesson

  5. Love the dedication - something I would do!

    ♣ Sir Thrift-A-Lot