Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pyrex: Army Authorized

I have really been cutting back on what I purchase online, but I just couldn't pass this up!

Army Authorized Pyrex.  Double Tough.  Who knew anything like this existed?  I sure didn't.  Let's take a look inside!

This must have been a sample set.  It's all packed away nice and neat in the original box.  The inside of the lid shows that the pieces were available in either green band or red band.  Come on!  This is the Army!  Green should be the color of choice!

The set came with 6 pieces.  A dinner plate, a salad plate, 2 different bowls, and a cup and saucer.

And, since it is apparently a sales sample, each piece comes complete with an item number printed on it!

I really don't know anything more about this, but if I were to make a guess, I would say that it probably dates from the early 1960s.  Has anyone else ever come across something like this?   I wonder if they did blue bands for the Navy...


  1. This is so cool! What a great find - I had no idea anything like this existed! Haha!

  2. Wow- that is sooo cool! I wonder if they ever got big orders for it? You don't really see those around. Super-score!

  3. Who would have guest. Would have never have thought the Army would be into Pyrex. I like your find alot.

  4. Wow! This is so neat to see! I have a set of these dishes with blue stripes and they REALLY ARE DOUBLE TOUGH! I have never had one break or even chip. Mine were from a lunch diner that closed down and I bought them from a guy on Craig's List a few years ago. I have a set of about 20 dinner and 20 salad plates (or dessert plates, as I call them!) They are wonderful dishes! It's funny, almost all of the bowls I have found that match are Fire King or Anchor brand though.

    --Erin {erinink.etsy.com}

  5. Wow, that is neat! As an army wife, I give this a big thumbs up!

  6. it's amazing what we can find out there in vintage dishes( pyrex)

    good find for you

  7. Maybe the red ones were for the Soviet Army - we decadent capitalists infiltrate any way we can. :)