Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Found

I was in St Louis last Monday for the Gypsy Caravan and after that my friend said us go to some thrift stores and we found a couple good ones, well really we went to 3 and found something at each one
I found these at a Goodwill on St Charles Rock Road.
I usually just buy the pastel colors but these were to perfect to pass up. I don't know the name maybe dogwood? OK some  girls told me Spring Blossom is their name



  1. You found three very cute Spring Blossom bowls, it's a really cute pattern!

  2. Great find! I was only doing pastels as well, but it just got too hard! lol There are lots of other cute Spring Blossom, that I just cant pass up!

  3. This pattern was the start for me! My mom had it back in the day, and when I spied it at a thrift, I had to have it! And so it began... ;)

  4. Yes that's the name of these...I just recently started collecting them. If your interested in selling let me know. Thanks Janice @