Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another mystery ....

i found this 043 on etsy and picked it up in denver this past weekend. of course, the photo misrepresents the true colour which is kind of a dusty green with the gold design. anyone know what pattern this is? i'm guessing its a promo piece

thanks! :)


  1. This is Sage Scroll, sometimes aka Green Scroll, sometimes aka Golden Scroll. There's an 045 as well.

  2. sigh....of relief!! the collective comes thru for me again! lynn, thank you so much! its so great finding these promo pieces, but can be such a challenge to figure out the pattern name. props to you, lynn! and thanks for comment, rach :)

  3. I just found this last week at my local goodwill and was wondering about the pattern name myself. Love it!