Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some recent additions....

Happy Halloween fellow pyrexers!!

I just wanted to share some of my recent additions and some random thoughts...bear with me :)

So, I've been collecting Pyrex for just over a year now. It is not uncommon that I get all kinds of comments from the "peanut gallery" about my collecting. I'm sure you've all heard similar remarks about being obsessed, needing an intervention or some such nonsense.

Let's think about this...I could have some really awful addiction like drugs or alcohol. Pyrex..not inherently bad for your health. (Ok, maybe you need some gloves or moisterizer to help with the hand washing).

A single piece of well thrifted or estate-sold pyrex is significantly less expensive than a pair of new shoes or a fancy designer purse.

Anyone can go online and find something they want they go to the store to buy it. When thrifting, the thrill is in the hunt. You enter the store ( do they all have that KNOW that smell) and quickly walk to the housewares section and hope that no one else is headed there and looking for pyrex, too. From twenty feet or so away you think you see something and it turns out to be...

...really???? an early american solid brown 404??? only $3.99? your heart skips a beat!! can you honestly tell me that you get the same rush when your strolling through a department store? not me

Well, enough musings for one night. In case you were interested, the horizon 045 i picked up yesterday for $6.99 and if you look closely, she's already in my fridge with a greek salad for a work potluck tomorrow. I also managed to complete my sets of the harvest wheat and the woodland casserole sets so I thought I would share those, too.

And that snowflake lasagna about my heart skipping a beat!! I orginally saw it at a local thrift store that has a "vintage" section. It was mark $, thrift store!!! not antique store. Anyways, they have those colored tags so I just happened to be there on the day its tag color was at 75% off so it only set me back $12.50. And that little yellow dish ($1.49) is my new favorite dish in my kitchen.

In advertently, I've been hunting for the solid blue 402 from the blue horizon set if anyone has one that they would be interested in trading

thanks for looking!! and happy halloween!

leslie :)


  1. It's just the best feeling when you head down the houseware aisle and spot a great piece of Pyrex - it's heaven!!!

  2. Nice additions!! I don't pay any attention to the "peanut gallery" anymore! You're so right, we could be doing something a lot worse than collecting Pyrex!! I love the snowflake baker, what a find!

  3. i'm so jealous! im missing that americana bowl! i have the other three!

  4. LOL! You've described the Pyrex thrift store hunt to a T, except that I'm also always convinced that the people who are leaving the store with bags as I get there have scooped up a treasure trove of Pyrex ahead of me!

  5. Good finds! Love this post. I can't drive past a thrift store without stopping because you just never know what you might be missing!!!