Monday, October 24, 2011

I did say I was toning down my collection, but....

Yesterday my fiance and I went for a nice fall drive to pick up some pumpkins. We stopped at one of my fave antique malls and got so caught up in all the goodies that we were too late for pumpkins by the time we left. I hadn't been since the summer and I was pleasantly surprised to find it stocked full of new, delicious Pyrex! I had to limit myself on how much I could spend because there were so many pieces I wanted to bring home with me!

This is what I came away with...A Town and Country 444, a Daisy 472 and 473, a turquoise Butterprint 475, a Snowflake Blue oval casserole dish (which I had no idea even existed before then), and a charcoal snowflake space saver (to replace the one I re-homed a few months back and decided I really missed).

I was so excited to find the Butterprint 475. Now the 474 is at the top of my wish list, so I can complete the set. Even though I love collecting some of the more rare dishes, Butterprint has always been one of my favourite patterns..roosters, farmers, wheat stalks, turquoise and could it not be?

I've been really into these opaque lids lately, Daisy and Friendship especially so I jumped on these dishes. I definitely over paid for the two with bottoms, but I still paid less than I would have online (shipping to Canada is painful!) and I have been looking for them for about a year with no luck so I justified the splurge.

It was so much fun to find Pyrex in person again, and to spend an afternoon hunting through vintage and antique goodies. My fiance even found a few treasures, including a birthday gift for a friend and a new Flinstones mug for himself (yabba dabba doo I love drinking from you!).


  1. Pumpkins are ephemeral, Pyrex is forever!

  2. Oh wow you really made quite a haul! I love those daisy casseroles, how cute! :)

  3. What nice additions. I love how vivid the Daisy pieces are! Pyrex beats pumpkins any day.

  4. Wow you sure hit the treasure box.... I have the turquoise ones but I would love to have the yellow ones sorry don't know the number thing at all first time I saw it was here. I have one oval yellow sun flower would love to have those rounds..nice fine..I can't seem to find anymore here in San Francisco like before pieces are getting none...

  5. You found some gorgeous pieces! I'm thinking I just might have to add to my collection soon!

  6. Really nice haul!! I'd love to find the 475 Butterprint!! I like that picnic basket too!