Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dress Up Your Kitchen with Pyrex Art

Hi everyone! I just put my Pyrex art prints on sale 4 for $20 in Erin Ink's Etsy shop. Normally the prints are $8 each so this is a major savings - just for my fellow Pyrexians here at Pyrex Collective! Get a set to dress up your vintage kitchen or give them to a fellow collector friend for their birthday or Christmas.

I have a couple of listings set up that say SALE and are for 4 prints. You can find all of the art prints under the ART PRINTS tab in my shop:

You can choose from any art print in my shop...here is a little preview:

I also have magnets in each of the art print designs!

Thanks for looking! Happy Pyrex hunting this week!!



  1. erin

    all your new prints are so super cute!!

    leslie :)

  2. Thanks Leslie! :) I also have a 2012 Pyrex calendar coming out soon with new illustrations that will also be put on art prints and magnets. Here are a few that will be in the mix...autumn harvest, spring blossom, new dots, stripes, friendship fridgie, a Christmas promo casserole, town & country and woodland. I'll try to keep everyone posted when new items are added to the shop.


  3. i'll take a calender....sign me up!

    leslie :)

  4. I am obsessed with your blog and am going to start following it ASAP. Your prints and gorgeous and so original.