Saturday, February 4, 2012

Butterprint Fridgie Score!

Hello Everyone, SixBalloons here... by the way, I see this is Post #900! Amazing stuff. =)

I am wrapping up my series on thrifting in Victoria, BC where I was on vacation two weekends ago for a wedding.

My favourite find of the trip was this beautiful Pyrex Butterprint fridgie! I loved it even more when I saw the price tag...

Yay, $2.95 and in perfect condition! I also saw three lids for the 043 small casseroles for a bargain, but I don't actually have any orphaned Pyrex dishes needing those. Feel free to read more about my adventures thrifting in Victoria at!


  1. I told you on your blog & I told you here - always down for Butterprint!

  2. Yup! You can't go wrong with aqua and white Pyrex!

  3. I have these.. they are fabulous.. I hv the whole set with lids.. we use them all the time.. so so functional.. way to go!

  4. ACK! Where did you find this gem? I need better Victoria thrift shops!