Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For Those Who Love Corning Ware

I love old advertisements - I bought a bunch of old magazines a while back at a thrift shop - no Pyrex ads in them but here's a few vintage Corning Ware ones.  The first two are from 1973 issues of Chatelaine, the Corelle Living China is from a True Value advertisement in a 1972 issue of Family Circle.

Hope everyone has a great day - Jill


  1. Besides Pyrex, I collect Corningware Blue Cornflower and Floral Bouquet. Only the stuff made pre 1972 though :)

  2. I just looked up floral bouquet, it's a great one! I see blue cornflower all the time. I collect friendship birds, that's it. But if I ever saw floral bouquet I would snatch it up!

  3. I love the old corn flower blue & white corning ware
    I use every day a vintage electric peculator to make my french vanilla flavored coffee


  4. I love Spice of Life! Slowly building a collection.

  5. I also have a few Corning ware pieces. The cornflower is the one!