Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanksgiving in March

Hi Everyone! I meant to post these pictures from my family's Thanksgiving a LOT sooner but life gets busy!

I had a vision of our Thanksgiving dinner being served all in Pyrex. The problem with this is that I don't cook the whole meal and it is not held at my house. My mom humored me and let me haul a bunch of my Pyrex dishes over for her to put her food in. :) I think our table turned out like a 70's ad for Pyrex, don't you? I love it!

The Carrots were in Autumn Harvest, the Stuffing in Butterprint,
Sweet Potato Casserole in Clear

Cranberry Salad was in my prized Blue Snowflake Utility Dish

The Mashed Potatoes were in my LARGE Orange Mixing Bowl
and Gravy was in a Woodland Gravy Boat

The Ham was in a large Yellow Fridgie and my aunt even brought her
Macaroni & Cheese in a Blue Casserole dish she got as a wedding gift

The Green Beans were in Butterprint and our Butter was even on a little
Golden Butterfly Correlle plate! The Cake was not on Pyrex but is on a cake stand I made from a vintage plate and candle holder I found at the thrift store.

Looking at these pictures has made me wish that we could have another Thanksgiving in March...I'm hungry! Hope you are all having a great 2012!!

--Erin {}


  1. beautiful! i love those parties and occasions where i can bring out all the pyrex at once :)

  2. that is really cool! i love seeing pyrex in action, and this is like the motherload!! thanks for sharing.

  3. I also used Pyrex for this year's Thanksgiving celebration. I ditched the fine china, and had a colorful table- just like yours! Love seeing your pictures.

  4. Hi, only just discovered you and your blog.
    How amazing is your collection? How handy it is to know all the design names!
    I love Pyrex. I don't have loads but now I have seen yours who knows.
    Really lovely.
    Btw, might sound like a stupid question but what is the patten called with th ducks on?
    I have a big set of that.
    Emma. X

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I will probably plant the hellebore in a pot. I just need to find the time. Maybe this weekend since the weather is supposed to be nice! I had to pop over to see your blog. Oh dear, I love Pyrex too. I remember my mom having it and now I see them in antique stores. Last year when my sis and I were out celebrating our birthdays together, we went antiquing after lunch. I love all the old dishes. I bought a corning ware casserole dish that I needed to replace from my set. i got it as a wedding gift and one piece was too used and scraped. Outlet stores don't carry that size any more as it's no longer made. Oh thanks alot. But I am glad I found one.