Friday, March 2, 2012

Can This Be Real?

I picked up this bowl at my local thrift store last week.
  It has one paint loss spot and one scratch,'s speckled!

As soon as I saw the speckles, I knew it was something special.  At first I thought they were grease or what I think of as 'old lady dirt' -- greasy spots that get so baked on they almost never come off.  Then I realized it was all over the entire Flamingo Pink painted surface.

I've never seen speckled Pyrex, other than the tan country type from the 1970s.  Can this be real?  I'm wondering if it's one of the experimental or limited runs that I've read about in my Pyrex book.  No matter what, I'm pretty excited!

Can any of you tell me more about it?


  1. The speckled pattern is desert dawn. It also came in yellow. I love desert dawn!

    1. Thanks for the info -- I wonder how I missed that? Now I have another new Pyrex to collect -- as if I needed that!

  2. I just picked up my first two pieces of desert dawn, one pink and one yellow, I'm in love too!

  3. Yup. Desert Dawn, from the mid 1950's. Here's an ad:

  4. Desert Dawn...I too was confused when I saw the speckles on a yellow pie plate I found at the Goodwill. That was the only piece of DD I have come across. Fun to see it in pink!

  5. Nice find - I have one piece of Desert Dawn - a yellow loaf pan - I was taken aback when I saw it too.

    Here a link to read a bit more about it..

  6. Dessert Dawn :) Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not really unique. I have a few of these exact dishes, actually!