Sunday, March 11, 2012

Please, Pass the Butter...

Hello, Beautiful Woodland

Dish, that is!  I have never seen a butter dish in the wild- or I would have snapped it up in a hot second.  So I was very excited when my mom called and asked what I was using for a butter dish.  She had found one for me at her local thrift shop in northern California (where, I can assure you, it is mostly overpriced garbage).  She found this beauty for $1.00, and it was half off day- so yes, it was fifty cents!  Thanks so much, Mom!  It will go fabulously with the vintage glasses I just found. :) If you stop by to check them out, be sure to say hello- it's always nice to meet new Pyrexic friends!


  1. AWESOME find!!! I have a wheat butter dish and I LOVE IT!! :) The woodland one is pretty!

  2. Nice! Love the Woodland Design and such a great price!

  3. What a great price! Always good to have a Pyrex butter dish - I have my Mom's Butterprint one!

    1. It's always special to have pieces that belong to family. :)