Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interesting finds

In my travels this past month through Missouri and Southern Illinois to see my family, I have come across some interesting Pyrex finds. First, check out this absolutely perfect 1-quart casserole in a pattern called "Vintage," with a green Lucite holder:

I found a "Bride's" pattern promotional casserole, but no lid. I bought it anyway, since the casserole was in such good condition and the pattern is so cheerful:

These like-new custard cups in their original box were a great find at only $7. I'm going to have to make chocolate mousse! The cups are very delicate, with a thin rim. The box says, "Your desserts look better served in these dainty dishes."

But I think the item below was my biggest prize, and I don't even know what to call it. Both the dish and the lid are marked Pyrex.

Does anyone know the approximate time frame for this clear glass serving piece? It is fairly small. The base only holds 2 cups of water and is marked 110C. The lid is marked 194. My guess is that this piece is very early. Does anyone have a similar one?


  1. wow, love your finds. don't know anything about the last one, but it looks amazing!

  2. I was just reading about these on a Correl Corner. if I remember correctly, they are around 1915. That site is great- it helps decode the numbers and letters you see on the lids and bottoms of pieces. :)

  3. Usually pieces with a "-C" are covers...but early on they made the lids to be multi-functional as another dish. :)

  4. I have never seen or heard of any of these pieces. What wonderful finds! Would not have even given the small clear covered dish a look since it doesn't look like the 'typical' Pyrex. I can't wait to hear when this item was produced!
    There is a lady in Canada that they call the Canadian Queen of Pyrex, she has helped me with Pyrex questions before. Try sending her an email and let us all know the outcome!! valerie.barbeau at gmail.com

  5. Sorry to keep commenting- but on the website, it looks like the 110 was made between 1922-1938, and the c means it is actually the lid to a two piece covered casserole! I'd give you the link, but my phone isn't cooperating :P Very interesting though!

  6. Thanks, all. This gives me a starting point to research my small covered dish.

    I DID pass up that dish at first, but I lingered in one antique booth looking at other things with my sister. We double up when we are out together--I know what she likes, and she knows what I like. So we shop for ourselves AND each other. I took a 2nd look at this dish, and bingo!

  7. Great finds!! I found some of those custard cups a few weeks ago @ GW. I knew they were older because they are a lot thinner. It's so neat you found them in the box!