Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quesion From Another Great Erin

I received this email from another Erin. Any thought?
Canadian Erin

well i scored an amazing piece today at a garage sale. it's a bit of a mystery. i can't find any other piece like it. the number on the bottom reads 7829B but every percolator that i find with that some number has a glass handle, and mine has a brown bakelite handle.  any thoughts? this is a listing for the closest to what i have
thanks for your help!


  1. I am not of much help here because I have the same percolator! I just picked it up for .25 at a garage sale (yes complete!!) and cannot find anything out about it. it is marked 7829B and the brown handle is marked 7829H....maybe I can at least find a buddy that has the same percolator!!

  2. Hi Julie! looks like we have some amazing taste! I have had the hardest time finding any info on our new percolators!

  3. I have one like this and the shorter one if anyone wants to purcase them. $20 = postage I decied I would break them using them

  4. I ment plus postage and I have some new pyrex to show off before I give it to my daughter,

    I would much rather find any piece fo .25 cents than $20. I knew the little lady who bought these new. she is 97 now