Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seattle Area Pyrex for Sale! **UPDATED 4.24!

ETA! 4.24.12  WHOA! I can't believe how amazing Seattle Pyrex people are! I just sold 30+ pieces of Pyrex in four days!  Out of the back of my car, no less.  Anyone who needs to thin out their collection and is not sure of the easiest way to to that, I would definitely recommend a post here on the Collective reaching out to local readers, as well as on your local Craigslist.  Success!  I had a blast meeting some fellow collectors and am so happy I could help contribute to a few collections, both new and old.
Hi Pyrex friends!  Anna from Victory Garden Yarn here.  If you live in the Seattle area and are looking to bulk up your Pyrex collection, I'm your girl!  I recently decided to part with & sell some really great pieces from my beloved collection...gulp!  Before I list any of it on Craigslist though, I wanted to alert fellow Seattle area collectors (er, hoarders) on the Collective & give y'all first dibs!  I've already had one lovely person come & purchase most of the plates you see in the photo above, but most everything in the second stack is still available, including a lot more that isn't pictured! (I'd take another photo but it is now all squirreled away in my car & it is currently pouring down rain, so.)

If you live in the Seattle area & are interested, please email me at!  We're asking about $5 for each large piece, $1 for each plate/lid, and are completely flexible on pricing if you are buying multiple pieces. We are certainly open to trade, too--although we're not looking for too many things at the moment.

Happy hunting, friends!
  • 1 small clover carafe, 1 small diamond print carafe
  • 3 lime green saucers
  • Square Flowers 402 (slightly faded but still lovely) mixing bowl
  • Square Flowers 442 Cinderella bowl
  • Spring Blossom 442, 443 Cinderella bowls
  • Solid green (Verde?) 443 Cinderella bowl
  • Butterfly Gold 043 oval casserole with matching lid
  • Snowflake/Garland 043 oval casserole with matching lid (casserole has some silverware marks on it but is still lovely)
  • Oil & Vinegar cruets (with wrong lids...salt & pepper lids)
  • Spring Blossom 471, 472 small round casseroles
  • Square Flowers 473 small round casserole
  • Snowflake/Garland 472 small round casserole
  • Rectangular casserole, side handles, opal with gold flowers (the name escapes me) 035, 2.5qt
  • Opal loaf pan  215-B (9x5x3--XL!)
  • Tableware dinner plate, white with thin blue stripes
  • Butterfly Gold 2 475 large round casserole
  • Square Flowers 475 large round casserole
  • Opal 024 2qt bowl/casserole
  • Opal 221 round cake dish/baker
  • Horizon 441 Cinderella bowl
  • Verde (?) light yellowish/green 441 Cinderella bowl
  • Snowflake/Garland 441, 442, 443 Cinderella bowls
  • Butterfly Gold 442, 443, 444 Cinderella bowls
  • Town & Country (classic brown & orange) 444 Cinderella bowl
  • 1 small round casserole lids--clear glass
  • 2 large round casserole lids--clear glass
  • 1 large oval casserole lid--clear glass
  • Opal pie dish 209


  1. I am the person who bought Anna's gorgeous plates (and a few other pieces too) and I can attest that her stuff is almost flawless. In fact, I'm considering heading back for more :).

  2. Linda! I saw this blog earlier today when I was looking up the Gooseberry Pink Pyrex and didn't know it was your blog! It's amazing!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)