Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Pyrex Finds of the Year!

Hello Pyrex Collective - it's SixBalloons here! So last week, I posted about things I regret buying at the thrift store and got some really encouraging feedback saying that I should talk about some of the hits!

Of the Pyrex finds, I have two standouts in mind:

My Promotional Pyrex Aqua Blue Scrolls bowl from 1959 - I cannot believe it was sitting on a shelf for two days at Value Village before I came and rescued it.

This glass Pyrex Measuring Cup likely from the 1930s! It has a chip on the handle but I love it because I use it EVERY time that I bake. It's my go-to liquid measure cup.

I hope everyone had a wonderful year and can share what their fave finds were too! Check out my vintage goodies of the year at Best SixBalloons Thrift Finds of the Year!


  1. Nice! My mom just picked up a Blue Scrolls for me for $5! It's such a gorgeous bowl. Love your measuring cup. :)

  2. Those are definitely standouts!! I'm sure most of us have things we regret buying at the thrifts......I know I do!!

  3. Wow! I can't believe the scrolls was sitting on a thrift store shelf for two days, either. Crazy. It must have been waiting for you.