Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally Found Some Pyrex

It seems like I haven't found any Pyrex in ages and that's not good - but I finally found a couple of items. 

The 402 Spring Blossom Green bowl was $4.99 at Value Village which is high for my store - hope they're not raising their prices - usually this size is $2.99 - I think that's a big increase...

The cute little carafe is only about 6 inches high - I paid $2.99.

I found some other great items too - check them out on my blog


  1. I need this one but with the lip...sorry I don't know the proper name for it. I have the two larger ones...I can't find any in San Francisco. But I want to start collection this pattern daisy I have a lot of the turquoise pattern and it's time for a change and a challenge...if you come across and are interesting in selling it let me know plz... my email is or my blog site. Nice find for sure...Happy Thursday...Janice

  2. the carafe is super!! wish we had a value village. from reading this and other blogs, it sounds like their prices on pyrex are typically reasonable. the goodwill's here must have caught on because the pyrex, fire king, nordicware, etc are expensive!

  3. I love the carafe!

    We've been finding lately that the prices at the value village that we go to completely ridiculous!