Monday, December 12, 2011

Friendship or Daisy, that is the question?

Hi everyone,

My Pyrex finds have been slow lately, but I recently updated my bookshelf with some Pyrex, and I need to ask if the two orange ones are part of the Friendship or Daisy series.

My new display on my bookcase. (Although you can't see the orange decals, it matches the blue and orange ones, I'll need to find some red Pyrex for the shelf too)

This is the smaller casserole, I know it is a Cinderella casserole, and it is marked 471, 1 pint.

This is the bigger casserole's bottom, it is an oval casserole, marked 043, 1 1/2 quart.

Thanks for your help!


Also I'm after editing this three times and clicking small photos, I'm sorry they are coming up big, I have no idea why!


  1. Awwe, Butterprint.

    I have no input to your question, but just wanted to say, my boyfriend said, "why do you need two globes right next to each other?" I said, "because they make me happy looking at them, so shut your cake hole." Glad to see I'm not the only one!

  2. I agree, they look like Daisy to me.

  3. Not to confuse things but: I have a Daisy 471 that looks more yellow than yours. I also have a Friendship 043 that is bright orange; could be like yours. They both came with their own patterned lids so I'm pretty sure about their IDs. Of course it is hard to judge true colors from a picture. Are yours both the same shade of orange?

  4. Yes they are the exact same shade of orange!

  5. If they are the same shade of orange then I think your dishes are probably Friendship. The Daisy 471 is yellow and the Friendship one is orange in old catalogues I have seen. Friendship and Daisy 043s are both orange, but not the same shade, based on old catalogues.
    Check out this site for lots of helpful information:
    There are scans of old catalogues, pictures and detailed info available here.