Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Pyrex Holidays!!

Happy Holidays Pyrex People!!! let the celebrations begin...with pyrex, of course!!

'tis the season to display my seasonal pyrex. ok, i live in california, but i've lived where there is snow, so i can appreciate a pretty snowflake when i see one. so, in keeping with season, i've now packed up my spring blossom, daisy and pink gooseberry pieces for the next few months, and the snowflake pieces are on display

so, i've slowing been finding the snowflake pieces over the past year, but this 045 1961 christmas promotional piece appeared at a thrift store last weekend. now for a thrift store, i think it was pricey, but it was in their "finer goods" section. really? its a thrift store!!! whatever, i sucked it up and forked over my $20.
look!! it even has its original lid! and a hearty thanks goes out from me to its previous owner for (apparently) only using for the holidays and hand washing it. its shiny and spectacular!
too bad i don't actually celebrate christmas, but i still love it...and the craziest part? i saw the same casserole, but with a plain lid at an antique store the following day....and the price? yeah, antique store crazy at $70.
but, you know i couldn't leave the antique store empty handed with all the pyrex on display, so i got this golden acorns space saver for $10. i know you all believe me when i say it was the least expensive piece in the store.
anyone else have their seasonal best out on display?

leslie :)


  1. What a beautiful piece! And in such great condition. Totally worth what you paid for it. Whenever I come across a striking piece of Pyrex that is slightly over-priced, I think of what something new and of similar quality would cost and then I buy it, especially since the money usually goes to a good cause at a thrift store anyway.

    I'm jealous.

  2. I'm drooling over your Snowflake Blue collection - its my pattern! Looks great for the holidays!

  3. You have some very festive Pyrex - nice!! I won't pay more than $20 for a piece and I only have a couple that I did pay that for - have to find a bargain!!!!