Monday, December 5, 2011


This weekend I picked up a divided casserole for an amazing deal. Check out the pictures to see why...

Blech! It was so filthy. I can only assume it came from a crazy hoarder's house. It's a safe assumption no?
I took it home and put it in the sink filled with hot soapy water for a few hours and then emerged this...

 Hard to believe it's the same pan right? Soap and water did this. Behold the magic of Pyrex! So easy to clean. I wonder why the crazy hoarder never bothered to clean it?

I bought it thinking it was Daisy yellow, that's how dirty it was, it seemed like another color! It looks to be Butterfly Gold which isn't a color I collect. Would anyone here like to trade for it? I'm on the hunt for Orange 404, 402 and 401 bowls and a Daisy Yellow 404.

Frankly I'm a sucker for any orange, daisy yellow and aqua piece so if you're interested let me know!


  1. Wow you are braver than I am. I think I would have passed but now I know better. Great job!

  2. Gosh you were brave! Good on you, looks great!

  3. I would have passed since I don't buy divided dishes without the lid unless it's to upgrade a condition. Looks like dirt from here, possibly used it as a planter? Maybe used it for kitty grass?

    Love seeing "before" & "after" of Pyrex.

    How much did you pay??

  4. That's a miracle clean up job - you were brave to attempt it!!!

  5. Wow - I can't believe how well that cleaned up! Looks like it was in someone's garage or barn or something.