Thursday, December 22, 2011

Promotional Dandelion Piece from 1959!

Pyrex Lovers, I found one of my first duplicate pieces on my way home from the mall... I couldn't resist stopping at the church thrift sale.

I was quite surprised to see the Dandelion Promotional 1959 piece - Interestingly enough, Mr. SixBalloons purchased this same Pyrex Dandelion dish, with lid, for me at the thrift for Christmas last year... And now I have two!

If you're interested in more photos, I've got some more posted at! Let me know if any local Vancouverites might be interested in a trade too.

Merry Christmas Pyrex Collective!!!


  1. I love the Dandelion pattern but not so much the divided dishes. Does anyone know if the dandelion can be found in any other sizes?

  2. Good question - I'm pretty sure it doesn't come in other formats/sizes, at least none that I have seen.