Thursday, September 8, 2011


As I said before, I've been sprinkling some of the Daisy/Citrus yellow into my orange and aqua collection. I think those three colors look amazing together and the school bus yellow is much easier to come by than the aqua.

I picked up this 8x8 baker on eBay and I love the flared lip. Thanks to this picture on flickr I'm guessing that it's the Daisy Baking dish.

Can anyone tell me if I'm right? Is this the only line that has this flared lip? Did it ever have a lid?

Questions, questions.


  1. Pyrex is really becoming popular again. The antique malls really have hefty prices on it.

  2. Never had a lid. The Horizons 8x8 has a flared lip as well.

  3. So beautiful and sunny! I'd lurve to find one like this!