Sunday, September 11, 2011

Latest Finds


Steph here from popping in to share my latest finds. My pal Char and I went to an antiques and collectibles sale and I was pleased to find some Pyrex..among other things ;).

I've been on the look out for the green and blue bowls in the primary set for ages and finally found them with a big yellow this this weekend for $15. This completes a (very worn) set and leaves me with a spare yellow.

These have definitely seen some love in their day and will continue to be loved in my collection!

Here they are displayed with two sets of the primary fridgies...sigh.

I also found these two refrigerator dishes for $25 and they are MINT. I passed on a set of Butterprint bowls in poor condition but I can never pass up fridgies!

So nice to add a few new pieces to the collection.

Thanks for peeking!

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  1. Nice finds!! I can't pass up fridgies either!