Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christie Antiques Show

Well. I was so excited to be heading out to the Christie Antiques Show, toted as one of the best in Canada. It's a reasonably short drive from where I am, today was a nice day, so it seemed like the thing to do. First thing, they charge you $10 for admission. Per person. There were 3 of us so $30 to get in. Not impressed. Then the prices. Over, over, over inflated. Anybody who's a thrift store shopper would have not been impressed at all. There was a lot of Pyrex and a lot of people hovering around it. This woman was buying a fridgie and I asked her how much she was paying. I was shocked to hear $15. She said she had seen them more expensive. A whole set of primary colour mixing bowl? $135 and not that pristine. A set of fridgies for $65. A small, scratched up old Orchard mixing bowl for $10. (I usually leave those behind, even in perfect condition!)

And Jadeite? (I know it's not Pyrex, but I still love it.) $425 for the set of mixing bowls. $425. Four-hundred and twenty-five. People were walking, looking and bursting out laughing. I guess they're catering to the big city yuppies who have more cash than brains.

I don't get why it is so expensive. With so many dealers (over 300), you think the competition would bring prices down. But everything was expensive. I think I'll keep going to thrift stores.

Well, in the meanwhile, here are a couple of pics of some of my lovely thrifted Pyrex, $4.99 and 5.99$ respectively:


  1. CRAZY prices! I would've been sooo pissed off!

    I hate over inflated prices. I hate how some people want to take advantage of others.

  2. I have been to the Antique shows and besides the cost to get in, then the prices are crazy! I too will just stick to thrift shops. I love your bowl and divided dish! Good prices!!

  3. I love your thrifted Pyrex!! People who over inflate the prices of Pyrex, or anything for that matter, drive me over the edge!!

  4. beautiful finds. one of these years, i'll to visit christie's. sounds like a good laugh :)