Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vacation Pyrex

What's the chance of finding one piece of Charcoal Snowflake, let alone two.  I'm so glad I didn't leave this 2 1/2 qt casserole behind, I don't have anything that size and I just love it!!  I paid $18 but I think it was well worth it for such a great piece in such good condition.  I bought the divided dish at another shop - for only $4....

Look what my mother in law found in her cupboards - the square bowl is a 015 and made in Canada - I've never seen it around the house before, I was quite surprised.  Then she went upstairs and came down with this Pyrex baby bottle - in perfect condition - I wonder if she fed my husband with that bottle......  I've never seen one......

On the way home we stopped at a flea market, only one table had any Pyrex, now that I think about it I probably should have purchased another piece or two but at least I bought something - this great orange fridgie -the picture doesn't really do it justice, the color is just so bright.

I also blogged about more Pyrex treasures and some other things over at my blog - the 70 mile yard sale was one big yard sale and I got some great deals!


  1. Love the charcoal snowflake! I would have paid 18 bucks for it, too.

  2. I'm heading to your blog right now to see more!

  3. Great finds Jill!! But, you already know that!! :)

  4. Great deal! We love that pattern we have it in the aqua and white.