Thursday, September 1, 2011

when hobbies collide

although i have been receiving a few pyrex trades in the mail, my most recent package was slightly smaller than your typical vintage bakeware.
inside was a magical piece to add to my other collection....


that's right ladies and gentlemen, IIIII have combine two of my favorite things: Pyrex and sewing. I discovered the amazing website Spoonflower and designed fabric to match my favorite pyrex pattern. I took close up pictures, edited them in Picnik and behold my creation:

now that this beauty is in my possession, i am almost too nervous to cut into it. i really can't decide if i want to make a pillow, or a wall hanging, or something for my kitchen table. i can't wait to buy more and maybe do an entire pyrex quilt (ooh i just got goosebumps!)

If you would like to own a piece of this fabric, i hear purchasing it is pretty easy. you can find my design here and order it. or if that doesn't work go to the spoonflower website and search the words pyrex, butterprint or turquoise. so far i think i am the ONLY pyrex inspired fabric on the site so it should be easy to find. and i will be completely honest with you, i will get a small amount put into my spoonflower account if you buy the fabric, so i would really appreciate it!

do you guys have any other pattern requests? i had a lot of fun with this so i would like to make others for your favorite pattern!


  1. Oh wow it would look beautiful framed up!

  2. that is great. i love spoonflower, an amazing site:)

  3. Do I see a Pyrex starburst fabric in the future...I think maybe yes!