Wednesday, August 31, 2011

what am i?

these four bowls (and their pink and black friends in the background)
came to me tonight via the lovely town of
santa rosa.

they are marked 1416.....any thoughts as to what they are
and what the pattern is called,
my pyrex pals?


  1. Not sure about the piece bit it reminds me of the Foulard pattern:

  2. Looks like Foulard but nor sure....It might be one of those weird never hear of pieces.

    Now are you a member of the Pyrex Love group on Flickr? Those folks would be most helpful!

  3. foulard!!! you guys rock!! i googled and found pics of foulard in blue, red and even black, in addition to yellow. the yellow and blue i saw were mugs and the red and black were bowls like my yellow ones.

    thanks SO much!!!