Sunday, August 28, 2011

Salad Bowl

I was sad when a trip to my very favourite antique store, which used to be a mecca of Pyrex, was cleaned out. Pyrex collecting has seemed to become much more popular lately, which is great because it means more people to talk to and friend over this colourful and fun addiction, but it does mean pieces are much more hard to find. I did come across this bowl, in nearly perfection condition, for $13. Not bad for antique store prices.

It's the Salad Bowl promotional pattern with the infamous 'fetus' right in the middle of the design. Do you see it? It's really a pear covered by a leaf, but it looks very much like a fetus or a baby sitting sideways with its arms outstretched. Love this teal colour!

Something I've been enjoying lately - harvesting garden goodies in pyrex dishes.

For some reason everything looks better in Pyrex!


  1. Everything does look better and taste better in Pyrex!

  2. i never knew that about the fetus. how funny!!