Saturday, August 13, 2011


Do you all remember when Ana posted her lovely Pyrex Art?

I had to order some prints right away; I imagined a fun kitchen refresh happening. Of course, life got busy (remodeling and boxes have been a way of life around here) and nearly 5 months later I finally got the prints framed and hung.  (It took getting my husband out of town so that I could just do it rather than having to do it by committee.  Everything is straight and level; I do know how to use a ruler and a level, lol!)

They are really cute!  Unfortunately, there was a mistake in the listing, so the frames I bought were for an 8 x 10 opening but in reality the prints are 8.5 x 11. Bummer, because you miss the slightly angled sides on the largest fridgie in each print.  I'd like to fix that, but I have friends coming over for a Mom's Night Out and I want my kitchen cute, so they have to stay up as is for now.

The camera phone doesn't do the prints justice in terms of the colors.  The background on the two outside prints is a deep turquoise.  Actually, all of my turquoise looks off, as does the orange of the fridgies.  The fridgies are a mix of the Daisy set, the solid Turquoise set, yellow 503s from the Primary Colors set, and orange 501s from the Friendship set.

Here is one more shot of the fridgies.  As you can see, Ana and I have similar taste in colors for our Pyrex.  There are six 503s, four 502s, and ten 501s, although that is just what is in this picture.


  1. This blog makes me happy! I am your newest follower! ♥

  2. I love the artwork, and all that beautiful Pyrex!!

  3. The artwork and the fridgies look wonderful...good job!

  4. Oh wow! Your collection of fridgies is so impressive!

    So happy to see the prints up! Sorry about the wrong size. I will reprint you some so they fit.

    For anyone wondering you can find these prints here:

  5. Your Pyrex collection is AMAZING!!! Those are my kitchen colors too and you have inspired me to find more teal, orange and yellow fridgies! :)

    --Erin {}

  6. Awesome colors, prints and display!

  7. I'm working on crocheting circles in the same colors so I can make a garland for above my sink.

    That's not my whole collection, although I am pairing down significantly. I have the "everyday" Pyrex in my pantry (the stuff we use regularly but still hand wash) as well a lot of Butterfly Gold that will be part of the dining room redecorating. But turquoise, orange, and yellow are my faves!