Monday, August 22, 2011

Pyrex I have been keeping from you!

I got to play this weekend.
My friend came over and we played dressed up.
She wanted to see my Pyrex collection.
She saw it.
She was impressed.

I have more photos on my blog here.

It was a slow summer for Pyrex finds here.
I did manage to find these pieces.

When I last talked with you. I had finally found my blue bowl.
I completed my first Primary Stacking set.
The whole reason why I got hooked on Pyrex.
The very next day. I found these two bowls.
2 Blue. WOW.

So then I was able to complete another set.

But then I found another. What?
I told you it was summer of the blue bowls.
I have been searching for years.
Locally only. Never found. Then wow. Jackpot.
A whole mess of them were found.

I stalked this bowl till it was 50% off
day the expensive thrift store.
Shocked it was still there.
Happy the sheets were too.
I made the sheet on the left into a dress.

I found this big old red bowl.
4 Quart.
It is part of the Friendship Collection.
Which is btw calling my name
every night I get into bed.
I find myself stalking displays on

I found these bowls but did not buy them.
Where and when and what collection are these?
Each one was $9 bucks.

I about fainted with this find. $9.00

haha Blue bowl again.

The red below and this yellow are 2.5 quart sizes.

Ok I have all versions of this pattern. I think I am done with mugs.
No more. Unless its aqua or pink. Or pretty who am I kidding?

Snowflake Aqua how I love thee.

I also stalked these for 50% off day.
I like it when they are there
saying take me home. HALF OFF.
Cause the store is insane
with its prices.

I also found this piece but didn't purchase it.
It was $40 bucks in an antique store.
I am just so thrifty.
But I have never seen it.
Sometimes I splurge on pieces.
I haven't had panic feelings without it. So I think
I am ok with not getting it.
I am not sure why I have to own at least one of everything.
But that is how I feel. So I keep jumping the fence.


  1. Beautiful! Love the dress up pictures.

  2. You have some GREAT pieces! Can't believe the two primary mixing bowl sets! I'm still working on my ONE - all I have is the largest yellow bowl, haha!

  3. Very nice pieces!! I love your pictures too! :)