Monday, August 8, 2011

Something We All May Want To Be Aware Of

Got this from a friend who lives in Ottawa, Canada. He had mentioned an article he had read about Pyrex glass and how the older ones 'stand up' better to heat than the newer ones.

It also compares U.S. made and European made wares. Very interesting facts discovered by an independent testing lab.

Good to know this especially those who use their dishes in the oven.

Click here to read article.....which was written in 2007.


  1. Maybe it's user error...but I couldn't get the link to work. :{

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  3. By hovering over Jim`s link it looks like he added an attachment from his email.

    You can always read about it on Snopes:

    - Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  4. You should always treat Pyrex with respect. Don't take a Pyrex from the fridge or freezer and put in a hot oven.

    As for the newer Pyrex, when Corning sold the brand in the 80's the new parent company change the formula removing the borsolicate in the glass.

  5. Per the Pyrex website Pyrex has been using tempered soda lime glass in some products I have read that it is as far back as 60 years ago:

    "Pyrex glass bakeware has been made – first by Corning Incorporated and now by World Kitchen – using the same soda lime composition and heat-strengthening process for more than 60 years."

    This means that Corning started using the tempered soda lime glass, not World Kitchen. World Kitchen has *not* changed the composition for Pyrex.

    The Pyrex website addresses the concerns here: