Saturday, August 6, 2011


Since I began collecting Pyrex I've had quite a few pieces at the top of my wish list. I've slowly been finding them and adding them to my collection, occassionally breaking down and buying on e-bay or Etsy, but a few pieces remain out of reach. Blowing Leaves and Cloverberry are two of those very pieces. I maintain that I will find them eventually. It took me three years to complete my Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowl set and nearly six months of searching e-bay for pink stems before I snagged one. Recently, at an antique mall, I came across a long time evader of my collection.

Turquoise fridgies! I'm still missing a 501, but I was so glad to finally find these. I could have had them ages ago if I had gone online, but I try to keep those purchases to the especially rare pieces because shipping to Canada can be so high. The thrill of the hunt is also why I love collecting Pyrex so much. Finding a piece I have lusted over for ages, hiding amongst treasures from the past, easily over looked, with a low low low price tag is a great feeling, I will admit.

This turquoise scroll bowl was another one of those pieces. I found it stacked up between other Pyrex bowls so that the pattern was hidden. I almost mistook it for a butterprint, but looked again just to make sure.

What are some of your favourites that you're searching for right now? What piece took you the longest to find (in person and online too!)?


  1. I am really hoping to come across some baking dishes soon. A pie plate or loaf pan or (please please please) a lasagna dish! Any colour would be fine :)

    And that scroll bowl is beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful color. I can see why you wanted to get it.

  3. I'm in Canada as well, and I know what you mean about the shipping often it's waaay more than the piece itself! However...I do check online (etsy, ebay, Craigslist etc) regularly for the Starburst space saver and the 1962 Lincoln Center promo. I'd pretty much pay whatever they are asking if those ever came up :)

  4. Right now I am searching for a Navajo casserole and a blue Snowflake Garland lasagna pan...I would be so excited to find these! Finally traded with someone for a Dandelion divided dish or that would still be at the top of my list. :) Great finds...I'm jealous of your teal fridgies and teal scroll bowl!

    --Erin {}

  5. What a beautiful set!! There are so many pieces I'm still looking for...a Friendship lasagna pan, pink fridgies, pink bowls, the list just goes on and on....LOL!

  6. those fridgies are gorgeous. I would love to find a primary colors bowl set (at not reseller prices) in good condition. A tall order...:)