Monday, August 29, 2011

An Email From Mom

Hello everyone,
I've been searching high and low for Pyrex for the past couple of months and have had no luck. It looks like my fortunes may be changing. Here's the email from Mom. Does anyone know the chip set she's talking about? I haven't even had time to check.
Lot's of Pyrex love,
P.S. Mom's well into her eighties, so she can get away with the "old ladies" comment - Erin's politically correct inner editor.

Hi Erin.
We accidently found a church sale in Thorold that was running Fri/Sat. Very rare! The first thing I noticed was a pretty Pyrex chip and dip set. We checked it for any damage and it appeared to be in new condition. We got it for a giveaway price for you. The old ladies running the sale had no idea what it was worth. It is that attractive clear aqua shade with a pattern on it in white. You will know the name of the pattern I'm sure. We'll get it to you asap.
I hope you have had an enjoyable trip to Kingston. I'm sure the trip home on
Wednesday wasn't a lot of fun with all the lightening and thunder going on.
Have a nice weekend
With love,


  1. I hope you are meeting up with your Mom ASAP! How exciting!!

  2. Oh my god that's the CUTEST thing ever! Good for her for being your Pyrex hunter! :D I wonder what it is...?! Balloons?

  3. Balloons was my first thought as well. What an excellent Mom! You'll have to keep us updated.

  4. Moms are the best. She sounds cute and sassy!

  5. ooh, can't wait to see what she got you!

  6. That is so sweet and I can't wait to see it!!

  7. That is sooo COOL! I can't wait to see it.

    Did you Have fun in Kingston? I so love it there. Did you eat at Café Amadeus? Their snitzel is to die for!

    Have a nice trip :)

  8. That is amazing that your mom uses email! My mom is in her 60's and only recently learned how to use interact at the grocery

  9. My 85-year old dad is now texting everyone--he is waaaay past emailing! But of course he'd never in a million years be out finding Pyrex for me, either. Lucky you!!

  10. Ooh, hopefully it's Balloons! Cool.