Friday, August 12, 2011

Finishing a Set

I wanted to thank you for the sweet comments left on my last post, but for some reason I'm not able to leave comments. Instead, I will thank you here. It is so much fun to hear what everyone else is searching for. I hope you do find those long sought after pieces soon!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon antiquing with my mom. Although finding Pyrex has been harder and harder lately, I was lucky and found the orange bowl to finish off my Friendship Cinderella Bowl set.

The smallest bowl in the set was one of my earliest Pyrex finds, so this set has been a long time coming. The two others were found at different antique malls over the past winter.

As silly as it is, I always feel a great satisfaction when I find all the pieces and am able to put a set back together.

What is your favourite Pyrex set-putting-together story?


  1. that first photo makes me so happy! lovely collection.

  2. LOVE Friendship! And it looks like yours are all in great condition. Congrats!

    The only complete set I have is the Butterprint 470 ( and I just completed it earlier this month. Such a satisfying feeling. I am one piece away from the full 400 mixing bowl set and one piece away from the full 500 refrigerator set. So frustrating!

  3. I've always said they should have named it "Happiness" instead of Friendship :) My 11yo daughter and I have started a friendship collection for her. Total pieces so far = one. LOL. We've still got time ;)

    Yesterday I completed my Butterprint cinderella bowl set with a less-than-perfect-looking 442. But I don't mind the condition so much, since this set was how my collection started and I've been searching for so long!