Saturday, August 20, 2011


***I kno, I am failing in the posting pics dept (SORRY)***

I posted how I had 59 extra pieces, I vowed (to myself) Not to buy anymore. With that said -

Went thrifting today...the very 1st thing I found was a round casserole dish (Gooseberry! pink on white).

Walked down another isle and found 2 more casserole dishes. 1 was a turquoise on white snowflake w/ different lid (the 'other' snowflake) and finally, the rectangle FRIENDSHIP! I'd say all 3 are KEEPERS!

Anyway - Hubs says the lid that is on the gooseberry isn't correct. The lid is round, but doesn't form (match 100% by the casserole handles). Does the original lid fit and conform perfectly or is it just a domed round lid?

The lid to the gooseberry isn't marked, so my guess is that it isn't correct, but it fits and will have to work for now.
The yellow, hubs bought it for me today :)
The snowflake, I now have 3...I have the black and white, the white on turquoise and now the turquoise on white.


  1. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but that looks like a Gooseberry Cinderella mixing bowl, not a casserole. The casseroles are straight sided and flat bottomed, not curved in like a bowl. (See casserole here:

    But either way, no, that doesn't appear to be the original lid. The Cinderella bowls didn't come with lids (that I know of) and the casseroles have flat lids that match up to the handles, no knob on top. I've found that many thrift stores will mix & match Pyrex with lids all the time, many don't have their originals.

    Lovely finds, by the way!

  2. I agree with Heather--that's a cinderella mixing bowl and they didn't have lids. But of course if you WANT it to have a lid, then do it! I love the Friendship design--it's so happy!!! :)

  3. Wish I knew the answer to that, but that's some nice Pyrex you've got here.

  4. Hmm, a bowl eh? Bugger. Oh well, in my mind I will have a 1 of a kind casserole. lol

  5. Fantastic finds!

    I can't wait to see what is up for grabs....It is a Gooseberry bowl (sorry) but it you want to use it as a casserole, well why not?

    Enjoy! :)

  6. Wow, nice finds!!!