Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pyrex, Pyrex and More Pyrex

My husband and I went away for the long weekend - it's fun to see different things and explore new areas of the province.   There are no antique shops in this area so it's always a treat to find new places - he was looking for vintage items for the game room - me, looking for Pyrex, of course and anything else that's vintage and took my eye. 

I have read about so many blog members having luck at church sales - it was a great day for an outdoor one - I made a purchase - these two little Delphite tea cups - 50 cents each - I thought to myself, this is a great start....

I hardly ever find anything in the Pink Flamingo, I have the pie plate - now I have the cake pan, #221 and made in Canada, it was $10.  I took the picture outside, it might look a bit red but it's really a Flamingo Pink.

A speckled loaf pan - never saw one before.  After I got home and researched, I now know it's Desert Dawn - it looks like it was never used.  I also got this little Town and Country fridgie at the same shop, everything was half price - the loaf pan was $7, fridgie sold for $2.50. 

Luck must be on my side, I found a nice piece of Daisy when I was in Prince Edward Island, found another piece this weekend - a divided dish - I think I'm getting a real divided collection going - I have seven of them now.  My husband bought a couple of things at this shop too - the clerk must have made a mistake because the total was $10 but the dish alone was $10.

These two little pieces were cheap - $2 each - 401 Cinderella - not sure yet which set that goes with  and a 473 Homestead (1 qt) - no lid - that size is great for so many things!!

My last purchases were great - another piece of Flamingo - 2 qt round casserole - $3 - it was a little bit rough, I've had two turns trying to clean it - it's looking better. That was lucky finding two pieces of Pink Flamingo in one weekend..

Gooseberry, 443 - $10

I couldn't believe when I saw this sitting on the bottom shelf of a 40% off booth - I figured it would be still too high - it was $12 - I didn't even pick it up right away - just a lapse of judgement there for a few minutes - another fellow Pyrex person might have been in there too and scooped it up.  It's a beautiful old promotional - Green Dot/Squares -  lucky find for me!!  What did you find over the weekend??


  1. Wow, can't believe how many great pieces you picked up! Congrats :)

  2. Oh my you did find some lovely pieces. I think that green dot/squares bowl is amazing!

  3. Congratulations! The brown Cinderella looks like the one I have from the Town and Country set, although It's hard to accurately tell colors in pictures sometimes. And I just saw that same dots/squares bowl last weekend for $15 but passed. It's very cool in person.

  4. I think that the brown 441 maybe from town and country. i have a whole bunch of yellow/brown/oranges and i've been trying to figure out which sets they are from. check the corelle corner website and let me know what you think (http://www.corellecorner.com/pyrex-pattern-profiles/269-when-pyrex-pattern-introduced-date-introduction.html

    please let me know how attached you are to the white gooseberry (wink wink!!) . i have the 444 and 442 in yellow from that set and have been on the look out for the white/black 441 and 443. i have lots of lovely items i could trade with you!!

    congrats on all the fabulous finds....:)

  5. You sure hit the mother lode of good Pyrex!! I love all your finds!

  6. Great finds! I picked up a desert dawn pink (flamingo) loaf pan ages ago and have never seen one since.

  7. And what province did you say you found these?! Great finds and I particularly like the delphite cups.

  8. I think the brown Cinderella is from the Town and Country set too - I bought it at a booth that had the large Town and Country Cinderella bowl - for $5 - maybe I should have purchased that too!!!

    LeslieH - I am getting quite attached to the Gooseberry pattern - I didn't have any before this summer - now I have 3 pieces. I find it to be really scarce.

    Jim - my weekend finds were all in Ontario - I was sure surprised to get the cups for $1

  9. i LOVE Pyrex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What finds you have... absolutely gorgeous... love the casserole dishes very much they are great...
    Now I am back from my vacations and in blogging world too…
    A little post to share some of my moments of vacation... hope you like to visit and enjoy it...

  11. So happy I saw your post. I saw a gooseberry bowl at a different site earlier today and thought, Oh, that's the set I want! (We had gooseberry bushes when I was a child.) It wasn't until I saw the white one by itself that I thought, Oh. That looks familiar.

    I have the set of four gooseberries! Found it at GW for $7.50 or so before they raised all their prices. The GWs near wealthier neighborhoods sell all of their wall art for at least 14.99 and can go up to 49.99. On the other side of town, you can find the same things for a max of 10 or 20 dollars. Still way more than five years ago, when such things were 3 or 5 dollars...

  12. i just purchased new dots green 404, yellow dots 402, and red/orange dots 401 at local goodwill, $17.00 for the whole lot. now I just have to find a 403 blue dot for the set!