Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy to Find This!

I haven't posted on here in a while, I found two cute little pieces yesterday, I was shocked to see this sitting on the shelf at Value Village...

How cute is that?  I placed some miniature chocolates in it so you could see just how small it really is.   It's not very often I ever see flamingo pick and surely not there, it was made in Canada.  They marked it high - $3.99 but my saver card was full and soon expiring so I got a further 30% off - not bad!!

This is my first Butterfly Gold with this design, the other pieces I have are the design of just flowers and butterflies, no stalks like this one.  It's a 474B, I paid $2.

Before I went thrifting, I was picking raspberries and bought a bunch of vegetables at a farm, I placed everything in Pyrex, come over and visit my blog here to see all my produce in all those beautiful vintage dishes!


  1. Hi Erin!

    Those are wonderful colors... I have browsed though your Pyrex blog a bit and you have some wonderful pieces.

    I just started collecting. Got a clear med. mixing bowl that has blur flowers on it.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hoop Party!

  2. I really like the little pink dish. I found one once and gave it to my daughter and she has jewelry in it on her dresser .
    yours is only the second one I have ever seen