Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Horizon Blue 503 Fridgie

Hi Collective, it's SixBalloons here! I hope everyone is lovin the summer weather! I picked up a new 503 Fridgie in the Horizon Blue print last week off Craigslist.

I wanted to share some interesting stats regarding the Pyrex Collective... To date, there have been almost 405,000 page views, 977 posts, and 535 followers!

Most of the Pyrex Collective readers are based in the United States, followed by Canada, then Australia. Rounding out the top ten in descending order are the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, then France! Hello out there!

63% of users are on Windows and 21% on Macintosh computers. 8% are checking in on either an iPhone or iPad.

January 2012 was an all time high traffic month with nearly 30,000 page views! PC has also had 5,360 comments so far.

I hope you all keep reading, posting, and commenting! Please drop by sometime to say hello as well!

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