Friday, July 27, 2012

Pretty Pink Fridgies

I hit the jackpot yesterday when I found this perfect set of pink fridgies, if you want to know how much I paid for them - read it and weep, right here .

What a find!!!


  1. Oh wow ~ they are lovely and the price was amazing!

  2. Stop it!!! You have really been on a lucky streak! Happy for you...and jealous! :)

  3. Value village is soo over priced! But those are definitely worth what you paid!

    Are you in Ontario?

  4. Pretty pink! I just love it. I would have paid that. Yes, I agree with Steph, Value Village has become so overpriced, considering they're a thrift store, and the stuff is donated. But you lucked out. Enjoy!

  5. I've been to quite a few VV stores around the province, it's crazy the difference in pricing! I do notice that my local store has raised their prices though, oh, no!! I would never have paid that much for any other set of fridgies, but I know how rare the pink ones are!!